About Us

Edu and Sabrina


Edu is Costa-Rican and grew up on our farm. He is a naturalist guide and has been working for years in the tourism sector. He started the project Rio Drake Farm 17 years ago.

Sabrina came 2009 from Switzerland to Drake Bay. She is a biologist and is studying level 4 of Parelli Natural Horsemanship. 20014 she got her level 3 certificate. She trained their horses by herself.

Together they have been developing their business Rio Drake Farm and also have two daughters born in 2015 and 2016.


Maijid is an Arabian gelding born in 2007. He loves to eat and he likes people and is very relaxed around humans.


Seraphita is a Paso Costarricense mare born in 2002. She is the oldest of the herd and also the leader. She is very sensitive and she knows exactly what she wants.


Latifah is an Arabian mare born in 2009 and is the sister of Majid. She is very sensitive, needs a confident rider and loves trail rides.


Merzouga is the son of Majid and Seraphita and was born in 2012. Latifah is his aunt and his best friend. He is very playful and curious and he continuously challenges his humane and equine friends. That is why he is not yet available for horse tours.