Horseback Riding in Drake Bay

Ride on beautiful horses from Rio Drake Farm in Drake Bay, Costa Rica:

We offer fair horse tours

  • 1 – 5 hours
  • for adults and for children
  • to different beaches or rivers
  • with the possibility to see monkeys, toucans or scarlet macaws.

We share our knowledge of natural horsemanship

  • by foot at liberty
  • by foot with a lead rope
  • on the horse with hackamore
  • on the horse without a hackamore
  • according to your wishes with or without saddle.

We love our horses

  • they live in a herd
  • No pain causing equipment
  • they are regularly paste-wormed
  • we personally handle and ride them
  • we make sure they get enough food
  • we regularly trim and treat their hooves
  • they are free of equine infectious anemia
  • they get medical treatment when needed
  • they get not overloaded, max. weight is 80kgs
  • they are trained with the principles of natural horsemanship.